allison n. ash, Phd

Only you can walk your journey. But you don’t have to walk it alone.

You are on a journey of goals, growth, and change. In our challenging world, sometimes we find ourselves stuck, unsure, or even lost. We see injustice and don’t know where to begin. As humans, we are resilient, but we are not meant to live in an unjust world. We were made to overcome obstacles and find solutions to complex problems. But we were not meant to do it alone. Often we need someone who can walk alongside us to ask the right questions, point us in new directions, and help us move toward growth and healing.

I can help you find your way.

I’m Allison Ash. I help doctoral students, organizations, and communities who are stuck, seeking direction, or aspiring to create a just world. For over 20 years, I have helped to inspire individuals and organizations and have seen countless lives changed.

How I Can Help You

My Backstory

I am a coach, author, and speaker. Growing up in West Michigan, my childhood consisted of  making music, playing sports, and making forts in the woods. Throughout my career, I have recorded albums, published books and articles, spoken nationally and internationally, taught in colleges and universities, and even led mountain expeditions. I have lived in Michigan, Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, and now Chicagoland.

Through my diverse life and profession, a common thread has been my faith that has woven the values of love, humility, and justice into my life. Uncertainties abound in our tumultuous world. However, I believe we can be certain about how we love, how we grow, and what we contribute to the world. I love to inspire and empower others who are seeking this kind of change.